Ervin Welsh said, "It is important to know we can celebrate our independence, but more so to ensure we are not living in-dependence." Not only are Puerto Ricans on the island living in a state of dependence on the United States, they are doing so in desperation and poverty. On the mainland there is an entire generation of Puerto Ricans being raised without the knowledge of their culture and their heritage. It is our job to teach our children about our history, our people, and our struggle.

In an effort to take responsibility for our role in teaching future generations, the idea for our documentary was born. The purpose of the film is to shine light on the current state of Puerto Rico, its governmental state, as well as key people involved in the struggle to improve Puerto Rico for its people. The main points of discussion in the film surround the current economic crisis, how colonialism has crippled the island, as well as the current status of Oscar Lopez Rivera. The film portrays this through an interactive and engaging history of major events, such as the beginning of colonial rule, the Ponce Massacre, the bombings of Vieques, the sterilization of Puerto Rican women, and more. The film utilizes expert interviews, footage from various political and community events, and historically archived media. A substantial portion of the film is dedicated to understanding and enlightening the viewers about the economic crisis Puerto Rico is in, and was able to accomplish this through a riveting interview with Nelson Denis and other Puerto Rican activists and historians.